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Saturday, March 12, 2011

the Call of the Wild flexi-disk

The Call of the Wild flexi was a four-band compilation that was released as an Evatone soundsheet in 1993 (COW001). It was a free insert with a regional southern fanzine called Call of the Wild: a white trash chronicle and review. The flexi included Man or Astro-Man?, Southern Culture on the Skids, La Brea Stompers and the Woggles. Each band contributed one track (MOAM? did "Reverb 1000").

In addition to the compilation record, the magazine included an early write up about the band. Some of the alien mythology was documented here for probably the first time. There was also a thorough explanation of the origins of the band name. The article also described what it was like to catch a period Astroman show, and even gave a shout out to early road crew members Bookman and the Lounge Lizard (Stuart Ellis). And then there's the picture. I'm pretty sure that the sport coat Teasley is wearing is made from old Cliff's Notes books. In all this is a curious little record, and a fantastic testament to what was going on in the south-eastern American surf/garage scenes of the early 1990s.

Here is a scan of the flexi-disk:

Here is the Article:

a big thanks to Brandonio Granger for providing the scans of the magazine and the article.


  1. I realize that this throws the chronology of the BLOG off a little. I wasn't sure if I was going to include compilation 7" records or not, but once I had all the scans for this one I couldn't help myself.

  2. I always found this picture of the band to be quit amusing to say the least.

  3. Yeah. Birdstuff with the oversized glasses . . .

  4. Please note that Birdstuff is wearing a Cliffs Notes sport jacket and fez which, until he lost like 50 lbs., was often worn at early shows.

  5. Anyone want to buy a copy of this magazine? I have a mint copy with the flexi if anyone's interested hit me up nickbongianni@yahoo.com