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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Return to Chaos

Return to Chaos was a Man or Astro-man? 7" EP released simultaneously in the US and the UK in 1995. The US version was put out by Homo Habilis Records (HH711) and the UK version was put out by One Louder Records (LOUD5). The picture sleeve was made to look like a small manila folder that closed in the back with a length of waxed string. The obvious difference between the two variations is that the US version was marked "Top Secret" and the UK version was marked "State Secret" with a large, red stamp. In both cases the band name and record title were printed in black ink that manages to show through the red stamp, even though the stamp was most likely applied last. The stamps are basically in the same spot on all of the records, but there are occasional gaffs in the stamping process (drips of ink, smears, etc.). One of my UK copies had the stamp applied upside down (see the scan below). There is also the issue of the record itself. The Homo Habilis pressing was on clear vinyl (200) and translucent black vinyl (800). The One Louder pressing was on translucent black vinyl, and according to John Esplen from One Louder there were 1492 total UK copies. The center labels were marked as either Homo Habilis or One Louder. Both versions included an inner sleeve--a folded, thick cardstock envelope left open on one end. This inner sleeve was covered with heavily redacted text that added to the mysterious, spy theme of the record (which was really the sequel to the Mission into Chaos record). The inner sleeve also announced the name of the fan who won the race to find an intact copy of the "Mission into Chaos" film--the challenge issued on the first Chaos single. His name was Jason Hill. This was a huge feat, considering that the film didn't actually exist.

Here are both variations of the US version of the single:

And the UK version:

Here's a copy of the front cover of the UK version with the stamp applied upside down. Note also that the red ink is unevenly applied and that the stamp is slanted in the opposite direction:

This is the inner sleeve, identical for both versions:

And here is what the outer sleeve looks like when fully unfolded:


  1. That's weird both copies of mine are from Homo Habilis and they're both translucent black not clear vinyl.?

  2. I've only ever seen these two- Homo Habilis on clear and One Louder on black. It would not surprise me if the HH one was also available on black. What confuses me is if one of your copies has the One Louder sleeve but the Homo Habilis record.

    It could just be that they has surpluses of one sleeve and they filled them with the other record. That did happen with the Needles in the Cosmic Haystack record. There were some error sleeves distributed with the correct 45, and vice versa. In any case, weird . . .

  3. My copy, purchased new in Boston MA in '95, is also the HH sleeve and center label with translucent black vinyl.

  4. Thanks Russ. I'll update the post.

  5. John from One Louder here.

    What happened was Homo Habilis manufactured 1500 sleeves for One Louder with One Louder's details and sent them to the UK. 1492 7" were manufactured by One Louder.

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