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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disjointed Parallels

Disjointed Parallels was a split 7" EP by Man or Astro-man? and the Anachronauts. It was released by Eerie Materials records in 1995. It was part three in a series of records that the label called "Eerie Themes." As a result its catalog number was simply Eerie Themes 3. The picture sleeve was made from thick, folded cardstock that was blank on the inside. The artwork was done by Shag. There were two different sets of inserts, depending on when the copy was purchased. The first set of inserts (available before the Summer of '96) included a two-sided band information sheet and a two-sided advertisement for the label. The band sheet featured an early Astro-Man website address and an Eerie Materials address in Ohio. The separate label insert listed many items as "coming soon." With the later set of inserts, updated in 1996, the MOAM? side of the band insert is completely redesigned and indicates the later astroman.com website. There is also a different address listed for the record label. The second insert has much of the same information as the earlier version, but many of the "coming soon" items were now available.

The single was distributed by K Records out of Olympia, WA. An oval K sticker was affixed to the back side of the plastic over sleeve.

Here is a scan of both sides of the two early inserts:

And here are some scans of the later set of inserts:

Here is a look at the distribution sticker:

And here is the record itself, only available on translucent black:

This is one of the few Astroman singles that remain readily available. Though the label has changed its address several times over the years, they are currently operating out of Hawaii. To order a copy, CLICK HERE.


  1. I recently bought a copy of this record with different inserts than the ones you have here. The Anachronauts side of the first insert is the same but the Astro side is different and the second insert is pink with different graphics. Also, the records listed as "upcoming" on the yellow insert are part of the catalog on the pink insert so I know it's a later copy.

    I will send scans to your email address so that you can add them to the site.

  2. Thanks for the scans. I think the info is correct now.

  3. Cool. Glad I could help.

    But now I can't help but wonder what this "Astro-Sonic Detection Agency" album is all about. Could it be an alternate title for Experiment Zero or Made From Technetium? Or is it a side project that never went anywhere?