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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ex Machina

Ex Machina was a Man or Astro-Man? 7" EP released in 1998. It was put out by Touch & Go Records (TG199). It was one of only two singles that they did for Touch & Go, even though this was the label that put out their four final full-length LPs and the 10”/CD 1000X. The release had a motorcycle racing team theme to it. The title is Latin and can be translated as from the machine or by the machine.

The single came with a small, letterpress-printed poster on heavy card stock paper. The large graphic on the poster showed an outline of a rocket superimposed over a drawing of a suspension spring. Here is a scan:

It was released exclusively on opaque black vinyl. Here is a scan:

This record featured a three member MOAM? line-up. There was no rhythm guitarist, only Coco, Starcrunch and Birdstuff. Though this same trio appeared on a compilation 7" and on a split single, this was the only time that a three member Man or Astro-Man? did an exclusively MOAM? record.

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  1. The Touch & Go Racing Team references on the sleeve were in regard to an actual racing team started in 1996 by Touch & Go's chief of operations (and motorcycle enthusiast)Corey Rusk.

    On March 4th, 2001, Rusk suffered a near-fatal motorcycle crash while racing at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida.

    In February 2009, Rusk announced Touch & Go would shut down the manufacturing and distribution arms of the business and return to solely being an independent label.