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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome to the Sonic Space Age

Welcome to the Sonic Space Age was a Man or Astro-Man? 7" EP put out by Clawfist Records in 1995 (X PIG 28). The Clawfist label was run by a record store called Vinyl Solution in London, England. The shop later changed its name to Intoxica. From 1990 to 1995 the label ran The Clawfist Singles Club. The series featured limited edition records by different artists, each track exclusive to the label (Thee Headcoats, Stereolab and Coil were also part of the series). Each release was limited to 1400 copies. Sonic Space Age was the final single in the 50 record series. It was also the final record on the Clawfist imprint. The label is now defunct.

The picture sleeve was made from thin paper that was folded in half. It was printed with high gloss ink. There was no printing on the inside sleeve. There was a single, paper insert that announced the end of the singles club. Here is a scan of the insert (thanks to Brandonio Granger for the scan):

On the front cover was a photo of the Simca Fulgur -- a 1958 concept car designed by Robert Opron for the French automobile company Simca. It was made to look like what the designer imagined cars would resemble in the year 2000. Here's another picture from the same photo shoot:

For more information on the car, and a few more images, check out the post over at Cult of Weird. (thanks to Benjamin Brinkman for showing me this).

The record was only pressed onto thick, opaque black vinyl. Here is that:

A few years ago I came across an online listing for a test pressing of the single. I purchased it directly from Intoxica records, for the meager sum of £3 ($6 US at the time). With shipping I ended up paying $11 for it. Here is a scan of the white label test press in its paper sleeve, along with the postcard/sales receipt from Intoxica:

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