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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheap Sweaty Fun & T.J.'s Xmas 1994

Cheap Sweaty Fun & T.J.'s Xmas 1994 was a one-sided 7" split single featuring music by Girls Against Boys and Man... or Astro-man?. It was put out by Cheap Sweaty Fun (CSF 003). It was given away at a Christmas party in 1994. The party was thrown by a non-profit promotion company in South Wales, UK called Cheap Sweaty Fun. The party took place in a legendary club in the city of Newport called T.J.'s. As a result, the single is sometimes referred to as the "Welsh Tour Single." Several of these were sold in a slate of online auctions that Birdstuff used to finance the band's West Coast tour in February of 2011. Birdstuff indicated at that time that only 300 of these were pressed.

The single was only available on black vinyl, and it came in a black sleeve with gold letter-press writing that indicated the band names and the track listing.

The single included a small, folded paper insert stamped on the inside with the following text: "Cheap Sweaty Fun says Bollix to yis! Ho! Ho! Ho!" The cover of the insert features a picture of cowboys being bucked off horses and the text: "Everybody Looks Forward to Rodeos." The back of the insert indicates that the GvsB song is taken from the Touch and Go Records LP Cruise Yourself. The MoAM? tracks were recorded live at The Cumberland Arms in Newcastle, during their "Triumphant 1994 Tour."

Here are both sides of the single-sided single. Note that there is no center label, and side B is completely smooth:

Here is a scan of the inside and outside of the insert (the cowboy is the front and the blue ink message is the inside):


  1. The sound quality of this record has to be the worst in Man or Astro-Man? history.It's not their fault though. They got one thing right with this record "Cheap".

  2. I think this is the only MOAM I haven't heard. A question for anyone who has heard it: what is "Indianapolis Kiss Off"? Is it a song or Astro-rambling?

  3. I won't answer this question to anyone named Anonymous!

  4. "Space Patrol" is actually "Invasion of the Dragonmen."

    "Indianapolis Kiss Off" is simply the opening sample to "Nitrous Burnout", fading out before the band starts playing.