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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gearhead Magazine Insert #5

Gearhead #5 was a split 7” single that was released in April of 1997 (RPM 005). It was a free insert with the fifth issue of Gearhead Magazine. The two bands on the record, Man or Astro-Man? and Chrome, each did one song. There was also a second track on the Astro-Man side, a sample of someone talking at a race track about needing a meatball. The picture sleeve was made from heavy paper that was folded in half. There was no printing on the inside of the sleeve. There were 7000 copies of this issue printed. It is still available through the Gearhead website.

Here is a scan of the picture sleeve. My scanner has trouble capturing glossy, monochromatic pictures, so sorry if this on looks a bit muddled. I wasn't able to get a clear shot:

Here is the “available in this issue” page:

The record was pressed onto thick, opaque black vinyl:

Thanks to Brandonio Granger for several of these scans!


  1. This Man or Astro-man? track was named in honor of the odometer reading of their original touring van.

  2. Great live version of the song here. It's even better when Starcrunch remembers the tune!!