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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creature Feature

Creature Feature was a Man or Astro-man? flexi 7" EP that was included as a stapled insert in a campy horror film/men's periodical. It was released by Kronophonic Records (SEXI FLEXI 002). The magazine itself was an issue shared between two different publications: Monster International! (issue number 4) and Highball (issue number 2). The back cover of one magazine was the front cover of the other. This would make the magazine the print world equivilent of a split single. As a result, this one is sometimes referred to as the Monster Magazine insert. The copyright on the flexi is 1993, and the article in the publication lists Dr. Deleto as a band member, but it was probably '94 or early '95 before this one saw the light of day.

One song from the single, Link Ray's "The Shadow Knows," features a dialog sample from the nudist epic Monster at Camp Sunshine.

Here is the flexi itself:

Here is a scan of the accompanying article:


  1. Wow! Someone who is obsessed with Man Or Astro-Man? just as much as me [well your pretty close at least]Anything you don't have? I've got it trust me!

  2. Wow! Great blog. I've been racking my brains to see if I can recall anything you may have missed but am hitting a brick wall. Has anybody ever catalogued the different versions/variations of songs? The vocal extension ("Scream, scream, scream....aaaaahh!") on this version of Espanto del Futuro, for example?

  3. Before Joe South was famous for "Games People Play", he was the guitarist for a monster-themed(!) surf band called The Deadly Ones who put out an album called, I shit you not, "It's Monster Surfing Time" (1964). From that album is a track called "There's a Monster in the Surfer's Lagoon."

    Some time in the eighties or early nineties this track was compiled on the "Surfin' Wild" compilation LP as the slightly shortened "Creature In the Surfer's Lagoon" which I purchased used from the same record store from which I had obtained so many of my MoA? 7"s from. Though I'm pretty sure Birdstuff owns the original Deadly Ones 45...

  4. If I found a copy of the flexi-disc w/out the magazine, how much do you figure it would be worth?

  5. It's worth whatever you can get for it. You see the magazines with the flexi still attached go for around $20 on eBay, so that's about where I'd put it value-wise.

  6. At a recent Chunklet blog entry (http://www.chunklet.com/index.cfm?section=blogs&ID=692), Henry Owings' comments indicate that this flexi was available at about the same time as the "Mission Into Chaos" single, and that both of which were available before the "Vs. Europa" single.

    It's possible the astromen had their hands on the flexi-discs and even made them available for purchase some time before the magazine was in distribution.

  7. "There's a Creature in the Surfer's Lagoon" on youtube... enjoy:

  8. You can still get copies of this Monster/High Ball #4 from Timothy Paxton for $10 bucks with the flexi disc in it. Check out this link: http://www.schlockmania.com/sw-monster-international-offer/

  9. That offer seems to have expired. Timothy Paxton seems to not be returning "unsolicited" electronic messages.

  10. LOL -- you got an old email address. Or I never got the message. Oh well. I got about 100 issues of this 'zine left. If anyone is interested. I'd sell it for $6.95 (PPD in the USA). PAYPAL: orlof@oberlin.net
    Tim Paxton

    1. Timothy, were the flexis pressed prior to being included in Monster International? Sounds like they were available before the magazine came out...

      Also, I thought it would be fun to add your quote about how you persuaded Estrus to let you put out the the flexi in the first place:

      "Of course, I could look at some FMs [Famous Monsters of Filmland] from the 1970s -- but I traded those to a record company for the rights to release a single by the band "Man or Astroman?" in 1995."

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