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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For Immediate Release: Your Weight on the Moon reissue!

The UK was always especially receptive to Man… or Astro-Man?’s odd mix of traditional surf music, campy sci-fi schtick and southern charm. British radio mainstay John Peel played their debut EP on his show and would eventually have them do several of his “Peel” sessions in studio over the years. From this initial contact a highly impressed One Louder Records struck up a relationship with the band. In December of 1993, One Louder released the masterpiece Mission Into Chaos 7” single. Here's the cover of that one:

The band went on to tour the UK and their outrageous live shows (flaming computer helmets, 50s b-movie graphics and tesla coils) won them a legion of British fans.

In August of 1994, One Louder put out the genre-defining and ground-breaking Your Weight On The Moon 10” record pictured at the beginning of this post (on black, silver, pink and glow-in-the-dark vinyl). Fans were hooked. Even though the band was relatively unknown stateside, Your Weight actually charted in the UK—entering the independent charts at No. 7.

In May of 1995 the Return To Chaos EP was released on One Louder, packaged in a top secret dossier format and with a track so secretive its name was classified. The EP charted at No. 4 in the top 10 independent singles chart. The band had conquered Great Britain. Here's a shot of that one:

One Louder would go on to co-release the Deluxe Men in Space EP with Touch and Go, and the Live Transmissions from Uranus picture-disc LP, but it was these first three UK releases that solidified MOAM?’s legacy overseas. All three records have been out of print for years, and even the label has disappeared. And even though the band continues to record and even tour (yeah!), it is for this early ‘90s period that a majority of their fans will most fondly remember them.

So here’s the good news: Overground Records is reissuing the early One Louder records. This reissue compiles Your Weight On The Moon with the two EPs in a 16-page booklet. It is the first time that some of the tracks have appeared on CD, and it’s the first time in a while that the music from the two singles has been easily available. And for the vinyl enthusiast in all of us, and staying true to the One Louder/MOAM? historical model, the record is also being put out as a limited 12” picture disc. Here is a mock-up of the front side of the picture disc artwork:

Since this is a dumping ground for Astro-man releases, I thought it would be an appropriate forum to drum up some support for the reissue. You should consider picking it. You can order the CD HERE. The 16 pages of liner notes alone will be worth the moderate price tag. For the limited vinyl, you'll want to go through a local record shop. Anyway, here are the techno-specs:

Your Weight On The Moon
Label: Overground

Cat. No. OVER 127CD / 127LP (limited picture disc)
Barcode: CD 689492106225 - LP 689492108267

Release Date: 26th September 2011

Your Weight tracks:
1. Rocketship XL-3
2. Secret Agent Conrad Uno
3. Electrostatic Brain Field
4. Shockwave
5. Taser Guns Mean Big Fun
6. F=GmM(moon)
7. Space Patrol
8. Happy Fingers
9. Destination Venus
10. Polaris

Mission Into Chaos tracks:
11. Name of Numbers
12. Of Sex and Demise
13. Madness in the Streets
14. Within a Martian Heart
15. Point Blank

Return to Chaos tracks:
16. Classified
17. Secret Agent Conrad Uno
18. Point Blank
19. Goldfinger

Overground Records, PO Box 1NW,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE99 1NW


  1. From what I remember, One Louder was a sister label of Overground. The former did the new stuff, the latter reissued loads of hard to find punk and new wave stuff. John Esplen was the connection. I hope this reissue does well enough to get MOA? over to Blighty again.

  2. I ordered my LP [I think picture disc] from Barnes and Noble a few days ago.I'm kinda confused as to whether or not the LP I ordered is picture disc or just a regular album.I'm assuming that is the picture disc,because no has specifically said if it's only a picture disc release.Either way I'm really excited about the new 7" release coming out in Oct with new MOAM? songs.To me that's the main reason to stay alive for the next month or so!

  3. I already have copies of each of these but the extra information included with this set is enticing. Does anybody have any information on the new 7" that is coming out?

  4. Hi Brandonoi!

    You'll be getting the picture disc, it's a picture disc only version on vinyl this time. Didn't seem any point putting it out on regular vinyl having done that first time. A picture disc seemed far more interesting!

    One Louder was a subsidiary of Overground.

    John One Louder/Overground

  5. Well, that clears that up. Good to see you are still active, John.

  6. Is the band planning any official announcements of these upcoming releases? I certainly hope so, but for a band that was so internet savvy in the nineties, they seem to be approaching this reformation/reissue/new material thing rather nonchalantly. The layperson might not even realize that they're active at all.

    And I'll personally hand one American dollar to each member of the group if they squeeze one New York show in before the end of the

    John, you're a gentleman for giving us this new release. Can someone talk to Estrus about some new vinyl? How about a deluxe reissue of Project Infinity?

    Here's to future Astro-Endeavors,


  7. So, having now seen the reissues I can talk as an authority. The picture-disc is as cool as you can imagine. Original artwork has been preserved completely and it looks great. The thick CD booklet is filled with a boatload of pictures. There is also a lot of astro-centric UK press from back in the day -- reviews of the original release and impressions from early British live shows. It's an incredible historical document that really gives the reader an insight into how MOAM? conquered the British isles in the early 1990s.

  8. James,

    You should import Henry's aborted liner notes for this reissue into this entry before the Chunklet archives auto-delete them.