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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Recent Astro-Man Collectibles

Ever since Man... or Astro-Man? started playing shows again in September of 2006, there have been things for astro-collectors to get their hands on. Here's what I've been able to stockpile:

Cryonic Waste Samples
Thrown from the stage at the Touch and Go 25 show. Mini glow sticks that have long since lost their shine. One for each of the original four that played the show. Of course the ultimate take home item from that night was Birdstuff's drum set, that he handed to the audience piece by piece.

Whirlyball Air Fresheners
Made for their March 5, 2010 show at the Whirlyball court in Roswell, Georgia. Made by Henry Owings of Chunklet magazine. I believe that it is "spice" scented, because there wasn't enough time for the factory to mix a custom "space B.O." scent. I currently have one hanging in my car and four in a box in my closet.

The remaining items were purchased/pilfered from the Los Angeles show that took place this past Presidents' Day weekend. There were a lot of things to be had and I got just about all of them. Here they are:

Meteor Mitt
A repackaged dollar store oven mitt.

Space Straws
Silly straws with an astro-man endorsement.

Astro Bag
A black cloth bag emblazoned with the "critical space item" graphic.

Light Switch Plates
Hand-painted light switch plates. No two are exactly alike.

Cosmic Teeth Paste
Creepy glittery blue tooth paste. Was almost taken from me by the TSA.

Set List
Stage man Scotty Lee's list, used to anticipate when to switch out guitars. Autographed by the whole band.

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  1. The teeth paste I got is white, not blue. Need a picture?