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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vintage Astro-Man Collectibles

Man... or Astro-Man? always had plenty of things for sale. In addition to the items I listed in my R.Land post, here are some other astro-goodies that were available back in the day:

Plant Particles
The "Planet Particles" were really just lava rocks.

Space Dust
Dryer lint and hair being passed off as "Space Dust".

The official astro yo-yo.

Astro-Man Genome Pack
From the Clone Tour. The four specimens of astro-men DNA were sealed in a plastic case using a strip of warning tape. The picture below is the front and back of the package, plus a shot of the warning tape seal.

Certificate of Assurance
This "Certificate of Assurance" was sent to me with an order from Estrus records. It was also included as part of the Super Atomic Survival Kit that Estrus distributed with early copies of Destroy all Astromen. Similar cards were used to promote horror films in the 1950s.

Astro-Man Letterhead
Correspondence on official MOAM? letterhead was common. This was a response to a letter written by Harry Jenkins that I somehow ended up with. He had requested information on how many records there were and was told to write the record labels themselves. The MOAM? home office had some of the records but dissuaded him from ordering them because it would take 4-60 weeks to fill the order.

Here's another example of letterhead, a standard Astro-office thank you letter customized by Birdstuff, thanking a fan for writing about the band and letting them crash at his place while on tour. Cool stuff:

Found on Facebook. Contact me if you'd like credit.

Super Atomic Survival Kit
This is (sadly) not in my collection. This was an early promotional kit that dates back to 1994. From what I can tell, this was sent out through Estrus mail order with the first 150 red vinyl copies of Destroy All Astromen. The perk was featured in Estrus Update Vol. 5, No. 2. The back image lists all sorts of things in the lot, many of which (space dust, etc.) were also sold or given away individually. The coolest thing in the kit, in my opinion, is the autographed Dr. Deleto tongue depressor. The guy was in the band so briefly that seeing anything with his signature is quite uncommon.

Live Show "Save the Date" Cards
I got a couple of these in the mail when the guys were on tour and I never saved any of them. This one comes from the collection of Henry Owings of Chunklet Magazine. It bears an old address for Chunklet HQ and the Moores Mill address for MOAM?. And check out the postmark: 1992!!


  1. Hi James. Glad you're back. The Super Atomic Survival Kit was also sent out with the first 150 red vinyl copies of Destroy All... sold mail order by Estrus. It's featured in Estrus Update Vol. 5 #2. That's where my copy came from. With regards the 3D glasses, I was fairly sure they'd come with Project Infinity, but I have no proof of this.

    1. Awesome. When I get to computer where I can make the edit, I'll do it.